Arsene Wenger give Injuries update on Koscienly, Sanchez and Cazorla.

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger give updates on Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez and Laurent Koscienly. Arsene Wenger believes that THREE Arsenal players injured during Norwich vs Arsenal meeting. All Arsenal fans Worried about the injuries but Wenger gives some relief to them..


Arsene Wenger has confirmed both Laurent Koscielny and Santi Cazorla have a chance of being fit to face Sunderland next weekend. [BBC]

Laurent Koscienly who suffered back injury against Norwich have a chance to be fir against Sunderland as Arsene Wenger confirmed the injury is not too serious..

Santi Cazorla suffered knee injury played with only one leg in the match. Arsene Wenger also confirmed that he’s got a chance to play against Sunderland too alongside Laurent Koscienly.

Alexis injuryt

Alexis Sanchez injury is something can damage Arsenal season. And Arsenal fans already lost hopes about the title..

Arsene Wenger give some relief to those fans by saying “Alexis Sanchez thinks it is a kick, I think it is muscular. If it is, then it’s 2-3 weeks”.

Still its not confirmed about Alexis Sanchez but we can say that Alexis Injury is not more than 2-3 weeks. Lets hope for the best!

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