Petr Cech reveals why he left Chelsea for Arsenal | Arsenal Viral

Arsenal goalie Petr Cech reveals why he left Chelsea Football Club is for Arsenal Football Club in the summer transfer window.

The Czech international is one of the main man of the season for Arsenal as he helped them to the top of the table and he also broke the David James premier league clean sheet record in a 2-0 win over Bournemouth on Monday.

Petr Cech insists that he moved to Arsenal because he felt the Gunners can win the Premier league title.

Cech mate #1

“It was not an easy decision but I always wanted to go to a team which could win,” Cech told The Mirror.

“If I didn’t believe that I was going to a team which could win then I don’t know why I would come.

“I play football, not to only enjoy it and I love the challenge of playing and competing with the best players, but I want to have the chance to win games.”

Petr Cech says he would not move if he had no believe in Arsenal that they could win the league this season and he feels they (Arsenal) are in good position to win the premier league after 9 years.

Petr Cech also said the move from Chelsea to Arsenal was the right decision he made in his career as he said ” My move from joining Arsenal from Chelsea was my own. Chelsea wants too keep me but i thought moving to Arsenal was a better choice.”

Watch the Video below of Petr Cech amazing saves for Arsenal in 2015-16. The man who changed Arsenal!

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