[Video]: Thierry Henry destroys entire Chelsea squad in front of Fabregas | Arsenal Viral

The duo settled up for the Q&A on Skysports on Tuesday after Leicester defeated Chelsea at the King power Stadium. And when talks got up on Chelsea’s current form, things got a little bit uncomfortable…

Henry was asked about Chelsea’s latest defeats against the likes of Crystal Palace and Bournemouth and also asked about how could Chelsea solve their problems and said Chelsea players deserved the Criticism!

Henry and Fabregas

While the Gunners legend wasn’t doing anything other than dropping truth missiles on Chelsea Squad, It made an awkward moment for Chelsea’s midfielder Cesc Fabregas who sat silently next to him.

But the big news is Fabregas also agreed with Henry and said Chelsea squad need to perform again. This will not be enjoyable to listen for the Chelsea fans but Arsenal fans will love it!

The total video is 22 minutes but the Henry bashing starts from 14:31, we’d recommend you to start watching from that part.

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